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About Paul Lindsley 

Paul Lindsey is a multi-talented individual hailing from Wichita, Kansas, who has found his calling as an Oregon-based landscaper, designer, and builder of captivating waterfalls. But his talents don't stop there. Paul is also a gifted poet, artist, singer, and songwriter, capable of touching hearts with his spoken words. In addition, he possesses a unique skill set as a MASSAGE THERAPIST and hands-on healer.

Paul's journey began when he relocated to Oregon at the tender age of four. Throughout his formative years, he immersed himself in creative endeavors, graduating from Benson-Polytechnic High School while playing the trumpet in the band and participating in a remarkable 50-member glee club. Furthering his education at Portland State College, he delved into the realms of philosophy and sociology. His thirst for knowledge eventually led him to earn a Bachelor's degree in Theology from Northwest Christian College in Eugene, Oregon.

While Paul's academic pursuits laid a solid foundation, his life took an adventurous turn when he served as a decorated Vietnam veteran stationed in Nathrang with the esteemed Green Beret special forces. Bravery coursed through his veins as he fearlessly jumped out of airplanes and helicopters, even holding a knife between his teeth until it cut his lip. He vividly recalls the exhilaration of shouting "Geronimo" as he descended. This unwavering dedication and passion for his country now resonate in every song he produces.

Today, Paul embraces his lifelong dream of creating and recording his own music, blending heartfelt poetry with soul-stirring grooves. His compositions reflect not only his personal philosophy, wisdom, and life experiences but also the boundless hope and light that emanate from a divine source. With his profound lyrics, Paul seeks to inspire love, hope, and courage, reminding us of the way we should treat one another and nurture our planet.

In a world marred by hatred, misunderstanding, and apathy, Paul's empathy for struggling souls resonates deeply. He reminds us that, as creative beings, we were designed to transcend adversity, becoming more than conquerors, spiritual warriors, and champions of love. His music serves as a catalyst, empowering us to embrace growth and change and to tap into the infinite potential within us.

Paul's passion for music drives him to constantly push boundaries, leading and expanding the very essence of his craft. Through his explosive lyrics, he has the power to transform a harsh and lonely reality into a heart that is awakened to love, liberating the mind to explore the sublime. Embracing change can truly be a blessing, as Paul himself affirms.

In essence, Paul Lindsley's message is one of love, awareness, and profound transformation. With his artistry, he invites us to open our hearts, expand our minds, and embark on a journey of personal growth. Through his music, he ignites the spark of hope within us all, reminding us that we possess the source to effect positive change.

At Paul Lindsley Art, we believe that everyone has the power to heal themselves. Our services are designed to help you tap into that power and unlock your full potential. From Spoken Word performances to Waterfall therapy sessions, we offer a wide range of services to meet your needs. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality care and support. Contact us today to learn more about our services and start your journey towards inner peace and healing.

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