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Poems & Music by a master poet.

As a seasoned artist at a well-ripened age, I am driven by a clear sense of purpose to impart the numerous gifts bestowed upon me in this lifetime. The singular gift I hold dear is my music, which has elegantly evolved in tune with the contemporary landscape. The melodies I've crafted on this platform are intended to illuminate the enchantment and reverence of embracing this remarkable life that we, as human beings, are privileged to experience.

"At a ripe age, I'm excited to use modern technology to share my many years of experiences with others in order to contribute to the evolution of the human spirit. With age comes knowledge and I'm sharing the knowledge and gifts from my years of life experiences for the transition ascending species. Please click around my site and enjoy the enlightenment I'm sharing with you on this platform. LOVE and LIGHT to all who enter the space of collective consciousness."

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